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HC «Leysin Sport Academy»

HC «Leysin Sport Academy»

Since 2009, Leysin Sport Academy is one of the main organizers of summer sports camps in Leysin. As the name suggests, the academy offers a variety of week sports camps, as well as weekend or day trainings. Ice hockey and tennis are the main focus of activities. The participants, all between 5 and 21 years old, are guided by professional trainers.

“In general, mainly kids and teenagers with a certain amount of experience in a specific sport discipline join the training camps. However, we’re open to everyone, from beginners to professionals. Our goal is to let the kids have fun while improving their skills”, says Laurent Chuard, founder of the Academy.
During the camps and trainings at the LSA, the participants work on their powerskating skills, their techniques for handling the hockey stick and their shooting abilities individually, in order to let everyone evolve at his or her own pace. Trainings are given in French, English or German.
The concept really seems to pay off: the Academy enjoys a solid reputation. For example, recently the academy was assigned the responsibility of organizing the Pee-Wee world cup in Romansh Switzerland.

LSA wishes her players travelling to Russia an excellent ice hockey experience and an unforgettable trip.







Coaches :

Claude Fugère – Responsible for the Leysin Sport Academy development 

Stéphane Rochette – Professional referee - LNA Suisse

Doug Boulanger – Associated director Leysin Sport Academy