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HC «Antwerp Phantoms»

Ice Hockey is a way of life for the players of ice hockey club Antwerp Phantoms. The club is based at the city ice rink ‘Ruggeveld’ in Antwerp and was founded in 1972, the same year the ice rink was built. The sport of ice hockey has a long history within the city of Antwerp, since the very first Olympic ice hockey tournament was hosted in Antwerp during the 7th Olympic Games in 1920. The club is a spin-off of ice hockey club Olympia which used to be based in the Antwerp Sports Palace, but which in the seventies moved to Heist-op-den-Berg, a city some 30 km away from Antwerp. In its long existence, Antwerp Phantoms has won many national trophies and championships and participated in many international tournaments as well. The club has also featured in several TV-shows, company videos, music videos etc.


When in 2012, the city wanted to close the ice rink due to budget costs, Antwerp Phantoms, together with the figure skating club based at the same ice rink, started campaigning to keep the rink open for the survival of both clubs and ice sports in Antwerp … The club was successful in its efforts and has turned around adversity in a thriving situation. Now the club manages its own clubhouse and also the public skating sessions at the ice rink.


Currently, the club has 8 competitive teams, 3 adult & 5 youth teams, i.e.


National Elite League

National Amateur League Division 2

National Amateur League Division 3

National U23 League

National U18 League

National U14 League

National U12 League

National U8/U10 Tournaments


Antwerp Phantoms is also one of the Belgian clubs that delivers players to the Belgian National Teams (Senior & Junior) each year, since it has one of the best youth programs in the country and has many experienced youth coaches.


More info on www.phantoms.be


 Coaching staff

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