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HC «Huskies»

2006 - 2007 years, Sports School DR of Nevinnomyssk,

From 6 to 11 January 2015 in Krasnodar participated in the "Children's Christmas turnire for the prizes of Hockey Federation Kuban 'and declared themselves as serious opponents.
The team took third place in the competition group B, and in the overall standings of the ten teams took pride 5th place!
That is what the head coach Basenko says about HC "Sports School DR Nevinnomyssk" 2002-2005: «Player development depends on its continued participation in the competition, the activity of gaming, from its internal potential and on current parameters. Certainly, any player (especially in the children's hockey) every year will grow. However, how much he has grown and has he reached his ceiling? For example, our season will start with samples. We will estimate the players and make some predictions … We will also arrange samples out of season, to see the development of players. The best players will enter the the team."

Coaching staff

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1. Basenko Alexander
Date of birth: 25/01/1989, Alma-Ata.
Sports rank: CCM Hockey.
Graduate: Sports School Avangard «89», Shturm «89» - «90».
Position: Forward.
Competitor Hockey: 2003 Youth Championship bronze medalist Russia,2003 г.- серебряный призёр Чемпионата Омской области,
2004 - Silver medalist of Ural and Western Siberia,
2009 - The silver medalist of the Master - League Championship Omsk region,
2012 silver medalist of national open championship of Gazprom Omsk.
2013 winner of the All-Russian Open Championship Gazprom Omsk.
Education: BOU Omsk region ACT "Omsk College of Professional Technologies."
Qualifications: physical education teacher, specialty - physical education.
Advanced training: GAOU VPO "NGGTI" in the direction
"Psychological and pedagogical bases of sports training of children of preschool age," 2014.

About himself: my training focused on skating technique, the mastery of the stick, throwing training, development starting speed, strength, endurance, speed!
I pay special attention to the psychological development of young hockey players. I learn from the North American and Canadian schools offering individual approach to each athlete, taking into account his personal capacity and ability!

2. Beschetnov Nikita A.
Date of Birth: 29/01/88 Omsk, Russia.
Sports rank: CCM
The pupil: Sports School Avangard.
Position: Goalkeeper.
Competitor Hockey (Amateur Hockey League), Omsk Avangard-VDV 2005-2006, Iceberg Igrim 2006-2008, Kazakhmys Satpaev 2008-2009.
Education: "Siberian Academy of Physical Culture" – SIBGUFK 2009.
Specialty - the coach / instructor of physical culture and sports.
Personal Statement: Hello! I coach in the third generation :) My grandfather Master of Sports in cross-country skiing, a multiple champion of the Lithuanian SSR, the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1952-1959), subsequently devoted himself to coaching; Grandma - honorary coach athletics Omsk;
My Mom - Sports School basketball coach of Omsk, so my fate was almost preordained! I gladly gave 19 years of my life playing sports and continue to give all of myself to this wonderful section of human life! SPORTS creates a person's personality, it is fun and versatile! SPORT is a game and life ... PLAY IN IT AND WIN!