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HC «Yamburg»

HT «Yamburg», Russia

The team was established in 1999, Kingisepp, Russia.

Hockey club «Yamburg» is constant participant of «EuroChem Cup», the winner in 2014 and silver medalist of the competition in 2013, began to prepare their young athletes for the third international tournament for the prize "EuroChem".
This year the other guys will go to Novomoskovsk. For them a similar level of competition will be held for the first time. However, according to head coach Vladimir Balandin, all athletes are well prepared and determined to win, that will allow them to take a prize.

The composition of the new team "Yamburg" included players of 2003-2004 birth. The guys played, friendly, have experience of participation in national and regional competitions. In the 2013-2014 season, there are five major turnirovna their account:
1. Tournament of memory pupil of HC "Forward" Sergeya Lupashku - 1st place.
2. Regional final competition of young hockey players on the club's prize "Golden Puck" behalf of the of Anatoly Tarasov - 1st place.
3. All-Russian qualifying competition of young hockey players on the club's prize "Golden Puck" behalf of the of Anatoly Tarasov in the North-West and Central Federal District - 13 place.
4. The May tournament of the club "Golden Puck" behalf of the of Anatoly Tarasov devoted to the closing of the hockey season - 4th place.
5. Open Championship of Leningrad region among children and youth teams - 1st place.


Coaching staff

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Team coaches:

  1. Akhmetov Abai Saykiewicz 
  2. Balandin Vladimir Viktorovich