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HC «Klaipeda»

Our sport club was founded in September 2006. There were 17 boys of the vintages 1995-1998 who came to the club and started training hard with a huge desire for the game under the tactful guidance of the experienced coaches. During the very first season the club announced a team of boys of the vintages 1997-1998 for the Lithuanian championship, which won the third medal place there at once. Despite all attempts, the team of 1995-1996 years of birth boys couldn’t take part in the championship, but nevertheless they took part in different tournaments and exhibition matches. For the 2006-2007 season the teams of “Skatas” club took part in 3 tournaments: a new year tournament in Electrinai, where the team took the 3rd place, the tournament called “Kretingos mero taure” which also brought them the 3rd place.

It is pleasant that during 2006-2007 season, the quantity of children at the club increased from 17 to 41, the youngest of them was only 4,5 years when he put on the skates. During 2007-2008 season the teams improved their strength, mastered their skills and increased the quantity of players to 51.

In November 2009 the sport club “Skatas” was renamed to Klaipeda hockey school “Klaipeda”.

At the start of 2009-2010 season the hockey school “Skatas” had 3 teams: SKATAS95 (boys of the vintages 1995-1996), SKATAS97 (boys 1997-1998 years of birth) and SKATAS2001 (boys who were born between 2001-2002).

The teams of the “Skatas” school took part in such International and local tournaments as: “The Golden puck”, “The Amber puck” in Kaliningrad, “Petrotrans Cup” in Gomel, "Baltic sports camp" in Karlskrona (Sweden), the International “New Year Tournament” in Kaunas. Also they took part in the “Kretingos mero taure” tournament.

During the 2010-2011 season Skatas2001 took the 3rd place in Lithuanian open championship among 8 teams.

In 2011-2012 season Skatas 2002 took part in the following tournaments:

August 2011- "Balex metal cup" in Broceni (Latvia) – 4th place among 9 teams.

September 2011- "Šiauliu Akropolio taure" in Šiauliai (Lithuania) – 2nd place among 5 teams.

December 2011- "Ventspils Kauss" in Ventspils (Latvia) – 1st place among 8 teams.

The team took the first place in Lithuanian Open Championship among 11 competing teams.

During the season 2012-2013 two teams of the school took part in Lithuanian childhood championship, and Skatas 2001 also took part in Latvian childhood championship.

In Lithuanian championship Skatas2001 took the 2nd place out of 8 teams and WAWA team ( Skatas 2003) took the 3rd place out of 12 teams.

In Latvian championship Skatas2001 took 16th place among 21 teams.

Currently, a sports club called "Klaipeda".
Coaching staff


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