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The team Espôo Blue Juniors is going to Golden Town

The boys are planning to stay in “Golden Town”, it is 15 minute drive from Novomoskovsk. It’s a picturesque place with beautiful Chinese architecture which traditionally invites the participants of EuroChem Cup 2016.

The participants of the tournament EuroChem Cup will have a big excursion program

At the press conference for the journalists of regional and local Mass Media at the ice palace “Yubileyniy” the head of Novomoskovsk administration Vadim Zherzdev pointed out the following: “As for the program for our guests, we have prepared many interesting things for them, for example, they will go sightseeing in Moscow and visit some museums.

&quot;Spartac&quot; from Ussuriysk came to EuroChem Cup May 23

The boys arrived one day earlier, despite the fact that they had to get close to the other end of the world. They had to fly 11 hours, not counting the motor crossings.

And since players appeared one day off before the tournament for them on the eve of the tournament organizers have arranged an excursion to Tula - the city of gunsmiths and home samovars.

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HC «Jungadler Mannheim» to fight for the cup EuroChem Cup 2016 took second place in the competition at home

The U12 (Germany) won second place in their latest tournament. This was their last ice training before the EuroChem Cup. 

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